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External Runners

Runners are written in Javascript and extend the reading functionality of the app beyond what is provided by default. These runners interact with the ios application using the Daisuke Engine. Which is just a fancy name for the API managing the JS Executables.

Runners provide a way to interact with external services which provide readable content like Media Servers such as Komga to allowing you to track your progress to dedicated tracking sites like Anilist. Suwatte goes an extra mile to ensure that any functionality that is available on the service can be implemented to work in Suwatte.

Adding Runners

Runners can be added to suwatte directly or through a collection of runners called “Runner Lists”.

Adding these lists to suwatte is even simpler. Simply open the List URL in any web browser such as Safari and tap the “Add To Suwatte” Button. It’s that simple!

Try doing this with the Community List, A Curated Collection of Runners with first class support.

Installing Runners

Once your desired list is added in app navigate to More > Saved Lists > LIST_NAME and tap the “GET” button. This will install the runner in your app and you are ready to begin reading!

Some Runners might require additional configuration but don’t worry, you’ll be guided through this in-app.