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Adding Your Komga Server

Komga can be added to suwatte through two methods. In both examples we will be using the demo komga server provided over on the Komga website.

Adding Komga as an OPDS Server

Navigate to Library > Local > OPDS, and tap the plus icon. When prompted for the server details fill in you server information.

Adding Komga as an External Runner

The Komga Runner is located in the Community List, once you have the list added to suwatte, navigate to More > Saved Lists > Community Sources, and tap the GET button for Komga. From here you’ll be prompted on the browse tab to Configure and Sign In to Komga. Once you’ve done both of these tasks, you’re ready to start reading!

Accessing your library in the library tab.

Tap the 3 Dots in the library view and select ‘Manage Sections’. Under ‘Available Sections’, you’ll see Komga. Tap the green plus icon and your Komga Library will be available on the Library Tab.